7 réflexions sur “La tête à l’envers

  1. Bon jour,
    Cela me rappelle un « peu le monde quantique », où à tout instant la position n’est pas celle que l’on croit et qui permet toutes les situations possibles mêmes celles les plus improbables dans une « logique humaine » et de la compréhension d’un réel connu … 🙂

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  2. sk8sandhu

    Good Evening Dear Les Faits plumes,

    I would to share this“ Token of Humanity Awards 2018”. What motivates us as people , please share the wisdom of high powered motivators. The deepest gratitude ,we hold to improve our society.

    Please visit my link below👇

    I have nominated you for this award,
    please accept the award “congratulations”.

    Purpose is necessary, critical really, to a healthy, happy And successful life. Natural behaviours of humans, But i have further fascinating questions :-

    How we describe humanity in general?
    How our words impact others in real life?
    The cultures of humanity lays in which edge of our present society?

    I look forward to hear from you all .

    Thank you very much
    Best regards


  3. sk8sandhu

    Good day dear,

    I read your blog everyday, i will be more than happy if you accept it, not passing on awards rather i want our society to get some awareness, where we are standing presently seeking for changes, humanity matter to us with most care of each other.

    By the way you deserve it.

    Thanking you
    Best regards

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